What's in Math Blox?

Main Menu


From the main menu you can get to all five games. With the # sign you can get to statistics, patterns and your high scores. The opt sign takes you to the options pages to set the options for the game.  The ? sign takes you to the help screen for all game

Unlock Game


In Unlock game the player must swipe up or down on the number tiles to make the equation correct and then press unlock.

Scramble Game


In the Scramble game the player must move numeric tiles to make the equation correct.

Truth Game


In the Truth game the player must determine if the equation is correct.  If it is correct, press the T for true, if not press the F for false.

Spin Game


In the Spin game the user must look at the equation and swipe in the direction of the correct answer.

Blank Game


In the Blank game the user must move the appropriate tile to make the equation correct.



This screen shows the player how many right or wrong answers, what type of question it was, and their current 

percentage of correct answer.



This screen shows the  player if there is any patterns in incorrect answers.  For each incorrect answer it shows the question type and the numbers involved.



In this screen the player may select the type of questions they will be asked and if they want sound effects.